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Caren Baumbach

Caren Baumbach

Attorney at law
Caren Baumbach was born 1971 and has been mainly practicing criminal and family Law.

Dr. Anja Danger

Handels- und Vertriebsrecht
Lawyer Dr. Danger mainly serves customers in the drafting of contracts and tasks in Commercial and Distribution law. She forensically supports you in larger procedures.

Dr. Jürgen Einbeck

Construction Law, Real Estate & Tenancy Law
Jürgen Einbeck worked for several years as a Lawyer and partner in a nationwide Business Law firm before joining PETERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft in 2012. He is a sought-after consultant for major construction and real estate projects throughout Germany.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Fiedler

Lawyer and Professor Dr. Christoph Fiedler received his doctorate on the Freedom of expression and censorship, and he published another monograph on the Right of free speech in a networked world and publishes on questions of Media Law in the context of its digitization and Europeanization.

Ralph Geiger

Lawyer, Company Law and M&A, Restructuring and Insolvency Law
Ralph Geiger ist Jahrgang 1975 und seit 2004 als Rechtsanwalt tätig. Er berät vorrangig in den Bereichen Gesellschaftsrecht und Restrukturierung sowie bei nationalen und grenzüberschreitenden M&A-Transaktionen.

Christopher Gensior

Construction Law and Architect Law
Christopher Gensior (born in 1982) began his professional career in 2013 with a medium-sized and nationwide active Law firm specialized in Construction Law.

Andreas Hartnigk

Construction Law, Real Estate Law
As a lawyer, Andreas Hartnigk has been advising medium-sized companies and individuals in civil law matters for many years. Andreas Hartnigk brings the firm specialized knowledge in the areas of real estate and construction law as well as project development. In addition, he advises on commercial tenancy law as well as on corporate successions and acquisitions.

Prof. Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch

Consultant – Transport Law & Company Law
Jutta Lommatzsch worked as a research associate at the Chair for Civil Law, Commercial Law and Company Law of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Noack as well as the Center for Industrial Legal Protection at the University of Düsseldorf.

Burkhard Niesert

Lawyer, Restructuring and Insolvency Law and M&A
He has been a lawyer since 1995, initially in an insolvency administrator with its own subsequent appointments, thereafter in major international law firms. After working for a medium-sized law firm in Düsseldorf, he joined PETERS Rechtsanwälte on the 1 November 2017.
Dr. Wolfgang P. J. Peters

Dr. Wolfgang P. J. Peters

Company Law, Inheritance Law & Criminal Law
Dr. Wolfgang J. P. PETERS (born in 1963) has been practicing as a Lawyer since 1992 and he has worked in Business Law firms in Cologne and Düsseldorf for several years, before he founded the current PETERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft in 2000.

Dieter Rymann

Construction Law, Real Estate Law
Dieter Rymann started his career in the Legal Department of the Treuhandanstalt privatisation agency followed by its successor organisations. He then worked for a specialist institute in the Genossenschaftlicher Finanzverbund (Cooperative Banking Group) where he was responsible for several departments. Next he was a member of the Management Board of a medium-sized engineering company and was responsible for the Legal and Personnel Department. Since February 2018 Dieter Rymann has worked for the law firm PETERS Rechtsanwälte.

Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele

Japan/Asia Desk
Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele (born in 1974) with a German-Japanese background, grew up in Japan. His legal education as well as his practice as a German lawyer were always particularly focused on international legal matters.

Benedict Schneider

Construction Law, Gesellschaftsrecht, M&A Law
Lawyer Benedict Schneider, b. 1989, has practised law since 2018. He specialises in advising and counselling in the field of corporate law and providing support for corporate M&A transactions. He conducts legal proceedings.

Dettloff Schwerdtfeger

Dettloff Schwerdtfeger is a nationwide recognized certified specialist for Labour Law and he represents clients of medium-sized and large companies in all practice areas of national and international Labour Law.

Yoko Karen Seez

Construction Law, Japan/Asia Desk Law
Lawyer Yoko Karen Seez, b. 1972, grew up in Germany and Japan and has also studied in both countries. Her multilingual abilities (German, Japanese and English) are valued by her Japanese clients in particular, but also by German companies that have business dealings with Japan.

Irvin Stahl

Certified specialist for Labour Law & Certified specialist for Traffic Law
Irvin Stahl, born in 1974, began his professional career in 2004 in the legal department of Mannesmann Röhrenwerke AG. He previously worked in Maryland (USA), at the Circuit Court for Prince George's County, as well as in a renowned Law firm.

Jörg Stelzer

Certified Specialist for Commercial Law and Company Law
Jörg Stelzer was born in 1974 and he has been practicing since 2003 as a Lawyer. As a Certified Specialist for Commercial Law and Company Law, Jörg Stelzer´s main practice areas are Company Law, in addition to general issues of Commercial Law.

Gerhard Stelzer

Certified Specialist for Labour Law
In addition to Consultancy, the main focus is on the enforcement of labor Law claims and interests. He represents his clients nationwide in labour courts, including the Federal Labour Court.

Patricia Stelzer

Rechtsanwältin, Lehrbeauftragte, Dozentin und freie Journalistin
Patricia Stelzer has been an independent lawyer in Dusseldorf since 1998. She specialises in general civil law, especially on the issues of contract law and the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions of business, in particular for international business relationships.

Philipp Strecker

Compliance, Datenschutzrecht
Philipp Strecker (b. 1984) began his career at a regional law firm and he focused on banking and capital investment law. On the basis of his many years of professional experience, he now advises and supports his clients in these areas, predominantly in issues of civil law.

Thomas Weinreich

Tenancy Law, General Civil Law & Certified Specialist for Labour Law
Thomas Weinreich has been a Lawyer at PETERS since 2013 and he is responsible for our Private Client Department. He consults and represents mainly private clients, in addition to small and medium-sized companies and in particular, non-profit companies related to Social Law and also Labour Law issues.