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Andreas Hartnigk

Andreas Hartnigk

Construction Law, Real Estate Law


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As a lawyer, Andreas Hartnigk has been advising medium-sized companies and individuals in civil law matters for many years. Andreas Hartnigk brings the firm specialized knowledge in the areas of real estate and construction law as well as project development. In addition, he advises on commercial tenancy law as well as on corporate successions and acquisitions. Hartnigk has been a member of the Council of the City of Düsseldorf since 2004, and is a member of various supervisory bodies of well-known companies in Düsseldorf and the surrounding region. He is also involved in various charitable organizations.

After founding his law firm in 1998, he continued to run the law firm of former Mayor Joachim Erwin, when in 1999, Erwin stood down from his law practice after taking his position as the head of the city council. The law firm Hartnigk Stelzer Erwin has been advising well-known clients throughout Germany for many years


Bank apprenticeship
Studied law in Cologne
Lawyer since 1995
Member of the Council of the City of Düsseldorf since 2004

Working languages

German English


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