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Prof. Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch

Prof. Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch

Consultant – Transport Law & Company Law


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Jutta Lommatzsch worked as a research associate at the Chair for Civil Law, Commercial Law and Company Law of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Noack as well as the Center for Industrial Legal Protection at the University of Düsseldorf. She has written her doctoral thesis on an (international) issue of Transport Law at the University of Düsseldorf by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Noack, 2006. Jutta Lommatzsch has been a chancellor and lecturer at the SRH University of Logistics and Economics in Hamm for several years, and has been Professor for General and Special Business Law at the University Ruhr in Mülheim / Bottrop since 2012. Sine 2017 she is the dean of department of economy.

Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch is a Consultant in our Law firm and she focuses on Transport Law and Company Law issues, especially Stock Corporation Law.



Studied Law at the University of Münster

Lawyer since 2006



German, English, and French



Essays, judgement reviews and books

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