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Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele

Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele

Japan/Asia Desk


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Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele (born in 1974) with a German-Japanese background, grew up in Japan. His legal education as well as his practice as a German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) in large and medium-sized corporate Law firms in Germany, Japan and in the Netherlands, were always particularly focused on international legal matters. Since 2004, he has mainly advised German subsidiaries of Japanese corporations and medium-sized companies in the Japanese language, in particular in the fields of Labour Law, Company Law and Residence Permit Law. Since 2015, Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele has been the head of the department Japan / Asia Desk at PETERS.



Studied Law at the University of Munich

Lawyer since 2004



German, Japanese (mother tongues), English (business fluent), and Dutch

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