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Our Lawyer Fees

The remuneration of our work as lawyers can be calculated based on different methods, for example according to the German Lawyer´s Remuneration Act (RVG) or alternatively based on hourly rates or lump sums. For us it is very important that our invoicing is always transparent and fair for our clients. Therefore, our lawyers will always address you at the beginning of the mandate regarding our remuneration, and ask for client’s explicit agreement.

Lawyer´s Remuneration Act (RVG)

This is the legal basis for the lawyer´s fees. It specifies the minimum remuneration in court proceedings as well as the specific rates of the legal fees. Legal fees depend on the value of the matter in dispute and also  on the extent of the lawyer’s activity, among other things.

Hourly Rates

In the case of counseling and extrajudicial representation, the lawyer´s fee can also be negotiated freely between the lawyer and the client. Counseling and representation are regularly offered at a time-dependent (usually hourly basis) rate.

Flat-Rate / Lump Sum Payment Agreement

Depending on the case, we also offer monthly lump sums that can be terminated in the short-term. In case of lump sums, we will issue an invoice on a monthly or quarterly basis. Lump sum payments can also be arranged for project-based work.

Success Fee

The success fees are basically not permitted in Germany, according to the Professional Law. Only in individual cases, and only if certain conditions are fulfilled, a reasonable surcharge in addition to the legal remuneration or the agreed hourly rate can be agreed on for the case of success. In particular, in case of the active pursuit of larger claims, it may be reasonable for the claimant to minimize his own cost risk by involving a so-called “proceedings financer” who takes over the costs and inreturn participates in case of success.We would be happy to assist you in contacting and negotiating with renowned proceedings financers.

Legal Expenses Insurance

We cooperate with almost every legal expenses insurance active on the German market. In general, these offer a good cost protection, for example in Transport Law or Labour Law. In some areas, such as Family Law and Inheritance Law, they cover only the initial counseling, and in certain other areas such as Construction Law, they often offer only limited cover or no insurance cover at all. We will be happy to clarify the coverage of your insurance before proceeding with your case!

Criminal Law

Some of legal expenses insurances also offer the legal protection for criminal and administrative offenses. In Criminal Law cases, we usually work based on hourly fees / daily lump sum.