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Labour Law

Labour Law

In Labour law, a competent advisor – always a “must”: Individual and collective labour law, industrial constitution law, right of co-determination, international labour law, negotiations for the reconciliation of interests and development of intelligent social plans, issues of personnel leasing and solutions in disputes over company pension schemes, special regulations and the drafting of contracts for board members, managers and executives.

We would be glad to represent you in all areas of labour law – extrajudicially and throughout Germany, even before labour courts, at all instances.

Managers and executives

One of our main focuses is the preparation and negotiation of management board members´ and managing directors’ contracts. A thorough formulation of service agreements can avoid disputes in many cases. Protection against liability cases by appropriate D&O insurances is equally important. If an employment relationship ends prematurely or even not by mutual consent, we ensure that your legal and financial interests are protected. The more exposed your position and the more important your reputation, the more important is discreet and reliable consultation and handling. This is something we can guarantee to you, thanks to our many years of experience.

Individual and collective labour law

Drafting and adapting employment contracts, supporting collective bargainings are also part of our range of services as well as issues of co-determination at employee level. We review and develop remuneration schemes together with you and support the implementation process.

International labour law

The work-related legal framework in the European countries can sometimes vary widely. On the basis of our long-standing and reliable network of different partner law firms in the each European country, we are able to guarantee an optimal support even in cross-border labour law matters.

Always a must:

Labour law is one of our core competences. We know this field of law very well and we have many years of extensive practical experience.


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