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Inheritance and family law

Inheritance and family law

It is truly an affair of the heart for us to give advice to clients in legal matters concerning essential parts in their private life. We know all about inheritance and family law.

The German constitution (Basic Law) guarantees our inheritance law and provides special protection for the family. It is a noble task for every corporate law firm to provide consultation on these fields of law. It is something we do with conviction!

Inheritance law

When it comes to planning one’s own succession, i.e. to determine in a legally permissible, binding, as well as tax-optimised way, who should be entitled to inherit, this does not just involve drafting a last will or a contract of inheritance. It takes much more than that: strategies and each individual life planning must be considered very carefully. The inheritor may have to deal with other inheritors, legatees or an executor of a testament. An legally beneficiary inheritor, which is excluded by last will, may pursue his legitimate claims. The issue of “inherit and be inherited” often leads to serious disputes, where not just legal questions are raised, but often entire family histories must be processed.

Family law

In this field we provide consulting on drafting marriage contracts and on handling amicable separations. In cases of disputed divorces and alimony proceedings as well as child custody matters, we would be glad to cooperate with a specialised colleague.


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