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Company law

Company law

Have you found the right partner for your business? Do the legal form and the Articles of Association really fit your company? What happens in case of a dispute, when new shareholders are admitted or in case of transfer or sale of the company?

Company law involves the legal norms, that regulate the entrepreneurial cooperation in partnerships, such as companies constituted under civil law (GbR or BGB companies), partnership companies, general partnerships (OHG) and limited partnerships (KG) or in legal entities such as a limited liability company (GmbH) or a public limited company (AG). Regarding the respective company agreements, company law is frequently determined by very formal issues, for example the preparation and holding of shareholder meetings. We provide consultation thereon and enforce the shareholder rights in dispute before the German courts. We also provide consultation on matters relating to company succession and selling of companies or company shares, as well as to restructuring and crisis situations.

Family companies

More than 90 % of German companies are in family ownership. The focus of our activity lies in the facilitation and establishment of succession arrangements with internal or external successors. Frankly, often all that can help here are the necessary experience, strong nerves and required calm and composure that we bring as an outsider and enable us, including in difficult situations, to understand complex operations and reduce these to what is essential.


Legal disputes within shareholder structures require special competence, not only in the formal and material company law, but also in terms of litigation and tactics. And this is one of our special competences.

Crisis and rehabilitation

Crisis in a company may have various reasons. Not just misconduct or failure, but also accidents and personal misfortunes can throw a well-running company off the track. This is very challenging, because it is necessary to act as quickly as possible and stay calm and at the same time handle the situation with experience. Is it possible to bring the company back on the right track or is insolvency the right step towards rehabilitation?


In the event of sale of the company we support you in all legal issues such as the drafting of a non-disclosure agreement, a letter of intent, Due Diligence (legal, compliance, HR), purchase agreement (Asset Deal or Share Deal). This is not all: We are your competent contact person in decision-making and, by using our network we help you find the right contacts for investments, banking, insurance, taxes, etc.

Compliance Due Diligence

We examine the target of your sales or purchasing process retrospectively and prospectively. Have the fundamental company-specific legal and economic risks been identified? Has an appropriate information, training and control mechanism, i.e. an effective compliance management system been established?

Our services to you
  • Issuing or optimisation of the company statutes
  • Support of family businesses, also in succession matters
  • Consultation and litigation in cases of company disputes
  • Consultation in crisis situations and insolvency
  • Support in company transactions
  • Due diligence, in particular: Compliance due diligence
Time for the essentials

Company law is a core issue of your company and the basis for economic activities for the future. Take your time to place your company on the right foundation and adjust the existing structures from time to time to the current needs of your company. Preserve the created values by timely selling your business at the right moment in an organised manner!


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