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Japan Desk

Japan Desk

Japan is traditionally one of the most important partners for the German economy. Numerous Japanese companies choose Germany, especially the Düsseldorf area, as the “bridgehead” for their business activities in Europe. Our native speaking Japan Desk provides comprehensive legal advice regarding all specific topics. We have many years of extensive expertise and keep close relations to recognized Japanese Law firms. Besides our professional knowledge, we also have the enormously important intercultural competence and deep understanding for the Japanese (business-) mentality and culture.

In cooperation with our business partner Higashimachi Law Office LPC (Kobe – Tokyo – Imabari) we also support German and European companies with business activities or facing legal disputes in Japan.

Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele

  • Lawyer, Partner
  • Head of Japan / Asia Desk
  • Lawyer since 2004
  • Studies of Law at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Richard Masamitsu Scheiffele grew up in Japan and has a German-Japanese background. His legal education as well as his practice as a German lawyer in large and medium-sized corporate law firms in Germany, Japan and in the Netherlands were always particularly focused on international legal matters. Since 2004, he has mainly advised German subsidiaries of Japanese corporations and medium-sized companies in the Japanese language.

Mumu Takami 

  • Assistant Japan / Asia Desk
  • Graduate of Ritsumeikan-University, Kyoto, Japan (B.A.)

Mumu Takami is a Japanese mother tongue, she is fluent in German and English. Thanks to her internationally oriented education (Japan, USA, Germany) and many years of professional experience in Japan, USA and Germany, she fulfills all the requirements for the best support of our clients in their activities in Germany and Japan.



Katsumi Ogawa

  • Graduate of Chiba University, Japan (B.Sc.).

Katsumi Ogawa has also passed the exams for the Certified Accountant in both Japan and the United States (New Hampshire). In addition to his mother tongue Japanese, he is fluent in German and English (spoken and written). Since 2018 he has been supporting the Japan Asia Desk at PETERS, especially in the areas of commercial law, company law and civil law.



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