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Restructuring and Insolvency Law

Restructuring and Insolvency Law

Companies in economic crisis situations need legal advice with greater economic competence combined with the drive and experience to set up appropriate legal and structural requirements to establish a positive future.

Special knowledge is required in corporate and insolvency law, distribution rights and labor law and knowledge in the specific fields of criminal law. We have a reputation for successfully implementing reorganization and restructuring measures with a focus on the interests of small and medium-sized businesses. We advise companies on all related legal and economic issues.


The goal of reorganization and restructuring is to reorganize an entrepreneurial organization ideally to avoid insolvency proceedings so that it is well equipped for future competitive activities. With this complex consulting service, liability risks are addressed and balanced strategies are formulated to prevent such risks. We are happy to work with partner auditing and tax consulting companies as well as management consultants and together with our clients create a suitable interim management, if necessary. The aim is to find solutions that are practical, pragmatic and individual.

Insolvency Applications and Insolvency Plans

We prepare and monitor insolvency applications and, if necessary, assist our clients in properly filing applications. As far as legally permissible, we influence the appointment of a suitable insolvency administrator. In addition, we prepare and monitor insolvency plans for the reorganization of companies affected by insolvency and conduct negotiations with creditors, especially banks and suppliers, with the aim of restructuring their liabilities.


If we oversee the support of companies in the early stages of an emerging crisis, based on appropriate legal structures and our consulting experience, we are able to work together, in close consultation with our clients to also provide suitable financing partners who are prepared even in a crisis situation to provide new money in turnaround situations. Please contact us in a timely manner!

Insolvency Law

The legal matters in a crisis or pending insolvency of a company are multi-layered, often complex and must be quickly and confidently resolved and processed. It requires greater experience considering the personal liability of entrepreneurs, managing directors, management boards, supervisory council members and shareholders. We represent the corporate bodies of the company also in labor and criminal matters which arise in connection with insolvency law issues.

In the event of impending insolvency, we help contractual partners and creditors of companies secure their rights and assertion claims in insolvency proceedings, including the right of avoidance and in connection with subsequent liability issues.


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