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Traffic law

Traffic law

As daily road users, we all know that we cannot always avoid all risks in traffic. If you face a penalty fine or a driving ban -or if you are involved in a traffic accident, please contact us- we immediately know what to do!

We experience traffic law often as law of administrative offences in road traffic. In these cases, we deal with warning fines, the catalogue of penalty fines, penalty fine proceedings, penalty fine notices and we file appeals against them; some cases are released to the Public Prosecutor´s office and they lead to main trials. We are very familiar with the rules of the German Central traffic register (Verkehrszentralregister) with its points system as well as with driving bans and also with the driver´s log book. We can tell you when limitation periods of traffic administrative offences will end and how you may elegantly get around the risk of a fine or a driving ban..


About half a million penalty fine notices are issued in Germany annually; most of them have to do with speeding violations. We consult, if the measurements recorded by the radar device are correct and may be used by the authorities for proceedings and whether the use of radar detectors were permitted and possible.

Drunk driving

When is a breath alcohol test carried out and when can your results be of use? When can blood be taken? Does this only apply to drunk driving or also to driving under other influences, such as medication? What about the mobile phone ban, if you use a hands-free phone for calls during driving? When am I obliged to undertake a medical-psychological examination (MPU)?

Handling of road traffic accidents

Communication and handling of traffic accidents with the insurances, asserting claims for damages and compensation claims for pain and suffering, market value of vehicles, damage expert reports and loss of use -the pursuit of your claims in civil proceedings and the defence against administrative offence procedures are part of our main competences.


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